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Activities for Our Residents

Regular, Fun and Engaging Activities Individualized to Residents’ Needs

Engaging activities are extremely important for good mental health. We schedule twice-daily activities for our residents that are designed for their needs and interests. This decreases boredom and promotes a sense of well-being.

Providing for our residents’ social, emotional, and fine and gross motor skill needs is as important to us as looking after their physical well-being. Attention to our residents' needs and services plan and physician’s report informs our decisions on the variety of skill and need-based activities we offer. Resident and family input lets us design activities that everyone will enjoy!

We Have a 5 Point Approach to Activities:

Individual: The individual moments and time spent with our residents are our most cherished. One-on-one time is the highlight for both resident and caregiver. Our high caregiver to resident ratio makes this a possibility in an industry where too often people are not the priority.

Group: Twice-daily large group activities are theme-oriented and include social interaction.

Outings: We strive to get individuals who are able and willing to take trips out into the community, or to enjoy the natural beauty that is the Central Coast.

Gatherings: Once a month families and friends are invited over for a few hours of music, fun, and food.

Community Gatherings: Many groups from within the community provide their time and talents to our residents including local high schools and elementary schools. We strongly encourage the community’s involvement in our facilities when possible.

Activities include:

  • Twice-daily activities such as chair-based exercise class, crafts, games, puzzles, reading, music, and cooking;
  • Walks and gardening on our gorgeous 3 acres in West Atascadero;
  • Supervised outings to parks, movies, and community events…
  • …And more!

Sample Activity Calendar

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