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What to Expect on Placement Day

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There are a myriad of emotions on placement day. While there is generally excitement about moving your loved one into a new home, there may be anxiety, as well. It’s normal to feel strong emotions on placement day. Understandably, many people experience a little guilt, worry, and stress, amongst others. You may feel nervous about entrusting your loved one into the care of others, and you may worry about how they will respond to their new environment. Rest assured, the team at Paradise Valley Care is here to help. We are available to answer any questions, assist with moving-in, and calm your concerns.

Our residents are our top priority and they quickly become a part of our extended family. Paradise Valley Care has intentionally maintained a natural home atmosphere, where we strive to ensure that all our residents feel comfortable, relaxed, and welcome. Our team is comprised of highly-trained, compassionate caregivers who love the elderly and enjoy spending time with them.

Day of Placement

The day of placement is the first day we officially welcome your loved one into the Paradise Valley Care family. We are excited to be a part of their lives and help them receive the quality care they need and deserve. Here are just a few tips to help you prepare for placement day:

  • Start Early
  • Big transitions are difficult for the elderly, and it will probably take them several weeks to feel comfortable in their new surroundings. We recommend family members have their loved one’s room set up, personalized, and ready to go before your loved one arrives. It’s a tough day for them, so try to do everything you can to make it easier.

  • Introductory Meeting
  • The resident, along with a family member or other responsible person, will meet together to discuss any specific care needs. This may include a health history and other concerns.

  • Routines
  • You will be briefed on the residents’ daily routine. Since we strive to allow our active elderly to choose their activities, these may differ based upon each resident’s preferences.

  • Care Options
  • We will go through the daily routine of assisted care.

  • Dietary Preferences and Sleep Habits
  • You will provide us with any pertinent information on food allergies and preferences and sleeping habits.

  • Questions or Concerns
  • We will answer any questions you might have and encourage you to visit often. Please be aware that your loved one may resist the idea of moving into a care facility. They may be upset or angry. This is very common and most of our residents begin to feel at home within a few weeks. Our team works diligently to include them, love them, and give them the support they need.